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This is a collection originally purchased as a gift for Foxx and Otter Ferret Rescue by one of their supporters.  We took such delight in designing each one of these furry little buddies that we absolutely had to release them to the public.  And what better was then as an avenue to further support such a great cause!


When you purchase this pack you will recieve all 15 of the featured ferrets, and half of your cost will be donated directly to Foxx and Otter to help provide for these amazing creatures!


Stickers are printed on either white or holographic vinyl,  fully laminated, and ready to last a real long time riding on your car, water bottle, laptop, or wherever they need to scurry off to.


Sticker size varries by design, but all are 3 inches tall.  Special orders for different sizes can be requested via the contact us page


Thank you for all you do Foxx and Otter!

Foxx and Otter Ferret Rescue Support Pack

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